About Us

ownersThe Cook’s Shop is first and foremost a family business. It is owned and operated by Dagmar and Ken Kupsche. When the kids are home from college they’re working in the store, and the dogs can generally be found in the back room.

Cooking has long been a passion for both of us. Being a native New Englander, Dagmar is probably most comfortable with seafood. Clam or fish chowder, bluefish on the grill, or baked stuffed lobster, it’s all good. Locally, she’s best known for her desserts, especially her cheesecakes. Ken worked in a bakery through his High School years which lead to baking bread and decorating cakes (how many guys do you know that made and decorated their own wedding cake, on the day they got married?).

The building that houses the Cook’s Shop was built in 1912 and was originally the home of the Marietta Furniture Company & Mortuary. When we purchased the building in 2007 the façade was bricked in, windows were boarded up, water flowed down the inside walls and damage from past floods could be seen everywhere. Currently, the ground floor has been painstakingly restored to its original glory while the upper floors are still under construction. Historic preservation is another family passion, if you’re interested, just ask and we’d be glad to show you some of the work we’ve done to bring this old lady back to life.